AWS Supports STEAM for the Future

Mar 19, 2022 – PJI is proud to be working with the AWS Indonesia team in support of innovative STEAM programs focusing on students matriculating at high school level across the nation. Saturday, 19 March, saw the culmination of the STEAM for the Future Innovative Camp. A group of excellent judges from AWS and other IT focused businesses and academia had the challenging task of selecting the best digital solution to a community-based issue as presented by ten teams from schools located in Jakarta, West Bandung, Semarang, Magelang, Surabaya, and Denpasar. Each team faced a series of questions from judges related to their innovation and assessments made. The winning teams were:

First Place: Sapta Eka from SMAN 71 Jakarta
Second Place: Smalanova from SMAN 5 Semarang
Third Place: Tigres from SMAN 2 Surabaya
The Best Coding and Computational Thinking: Team Gali Ilmu from SMA IT Nurul Fikri Depok

The Most Creative AR/VR Project: Sapta Eka from SMAN 71 Jakarta

PJI thanks the Community Engagement team from AWS for their support of our initiatives to support youth in readiness for entry into the workforce. As part of the STEAM for the Future Innovation Camp students were asked to confront an environmental, education, health, business, or tourism challenge and design a feasible technology-based solution to the issue. The winning team, from SMAN 71 Jakarta, identified the distance learning that occurred over the past two years as the issue. This condition has made students around the world unable to familiarize themselves with the physical space in their respective schools. Trying to solve this problem and being inspired by the popular metaverse concept, the Sapta Eka Team designed their school in the form of virtual reality. The IMS Project will enable the students to explore their school interactively and provide benefits for the school to introduce schools to the community. We look forward to the team from SMAN 71 Jakarta progressing this idea further.

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