DEEP’s Massive Impact on Young Entrepreneurs in Padang

Feb 24, 2024 – Saturday, 24 February, saw the culminating Festival and Appreciation of entrepreneurial success in Padang. The Digital Entrepreneur Empowerment Program (DEEP) in West Sumatra, enthusiastically supported by Mandala Finance, promoted the mobilization and advancement of 51 businesses run by young entrepreneurs from the city. Many of these businesses are well on the way to success with a collective contribution to the local economy over a period of a little more than six months of IDR4,260,000,000 or USD272,000. This success has proven to be beyond the expectations of both PJI and Mandala Finance at program outset and is indicative of the positive impact this partnership has had for young entrepreneurs in the region.

Representing PJI, Pribadi Setiyanto, stated that the contribution to the local economy has been one which is sustainable and will benefit the region moving forward. Trisno Situmeang, Business General Manager Sumatera Mandala Finance was able to witness, firsthand, the beneficiary enthusiasm and possible opportunities for ongoing collaboration with these fledgling businesses. Throughout implementation the DEEP program has had a sustained support from local government. As Ir. Hj. Corri Saidan, M.Si., General Administration Assistant for the City of Padang, stated, the initiative has had a profound impact on young entrepreneurs and is a truly outstanding endeavour for the city. The young entrepreneurs are now full of confidence and looking forward to expanding their business operations beyond Padang. Just some of the businesses encompassed and strengthened by DEEP include a Barber Shop, Robotics Education for elementary school students, multiple culinary outlets, honey production and sales, hydroponic vegetables, and leather/material cleaning services. A diverse range of business undertakings, all of which contributed to the USD272,000 injection of revenue into the local economy.

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