Business management, capital investment, charitable giving, demographics, fixed costs, four Ps of marketing, law of diminishing returns, marketing, marketing research, price, product life cycle, production, research and development, target marketing, variable costs


Financial Literacy 

Work Readiness 

JA Titan allows students to operate a virtual company through a Web based simulation. The students’ success depends on decisions about their product’s price and their company’s marketing, research and development, and business practices. Win or lose, students gain an understanding of how management decisions affect a company’s bottom line.

Students enter decisions about price, production, marketing, capital investment, and research and development. The impact of their decisions will lead to the success or failure of each Holo Generator company.

The classroom based version of JA Titan offers lesson plans, administrator control, and economic scenarios. It is available only through local JA office. However, portions of the site are available to the general public at http://titan.ja.org.