Yafeth Steven Wetipo

“I believe that entrepreneurship is not only a way to improve his family’s economic well-being but also an opportunity to provide positive social impact to the surrounding community.”

Paideia Gratia Sumihe

“Upon participation in the Youth Entrepreneurship Program, I were able to start my business.”

Agustina Maria Ayomi

“I am very grateful that my participation in the Youth Entrepreneurship Education program has been able to improve my level of confidence to solve the challenges.”

Angela Rompis

“However, most importantly, the Student Company taught me not to become a boss, but a leader.”

Lia Zakiyyah

“Even though I’m working in government, I have this entrepreneurial spirit about the work and the challenges we face in keeping the environment safe.”

Nyi Mas Gianti B.E.

“If you have integrity people will trust you, they will follow you, you can be a leader.”

Raymon Setiadi

“Set your dreams as high as you can imagine, but also be realistic. Find the balance between dreaming and executing.”