Paideia Gratia Sumihe

“Upon participation in the Youth Entrepreneurship Program, I were able to start my business.”

It is not easy for Papuan women to treat their curly hair. Curly hair requires special care products and, although these are  sold in Jayapura they are  generally imported products which are limited in quantity and very expensive. This situation encouraged Grace to make her own curly hair treatment product by using local resources such as aloe vera as a basic ingredient. As a result, the hair gel is able to make her curly hair more defined, smooth and beautiful.

In early 2018, Grace wanted to sell the hair gel so that she could help other Papuan women treat their hair. However, this idea had not been realized due to her lack of understanding of business operation. She had a great idea but very little business knowledge. Upon participation in the Youth Entrepreneurship Program, Grace was able to start her business and the market demand for her products continued to grow. Now, she is preparing a strategy to market the product widely to locations outside of Jayapura and improve the product quality. Grace continues to innovate to realize her dream to build a cosmetics company specializing in curly hair in Papua.