Endra Marsudi

“In PJI’s program, I found my passion in the business world and understood entrepreneurial thinking with the helicopter view concept.”

Some people believe that running a business or undertaking work that aligns with our passion can make us more eager to always pursue the best achievements. Endra Marsudi, one of PJI’s successful alumni, began to find his interest in the business world when he participated in the HP Global Business Challenge in 2002, whilst studying at the Bogor Institute of Agriculture (IPB). This challenge was an international competition using a JA Titan business simulation and initiated by HP and JA Worldwide (Prestasi Junior Indonesia).

“At that time, IPB had just initiated a student organization that focused on entrepreneurship. The competition then became a medium for students to learn entrepreneurship practically outside of entrepreneurship lectures. Even though it is only a virtual business simulation, I was very happy because I was able to understand entrepreneurial thinking with the helicopter view concept. I learned to consider all aspects of the business in the decision-making process. This made my interest and dreams for entrepreneurship even stronger,” said Endra, who is also one of the Awardees of the 2019 Australia Short Term Award in Start-up Ecosystems.

After 13 years working in a number of multinational companies, such as Samsung and Astra Honda Motors, Endra was driven to pursue a career in a digital start-up. In so doing, he took up the option to revive his passion in entrepreneurship. The journey of managing a start-up started 4 years ago when he co-founded Frame A Trip – an online marketplace which connects travellers with photographers at holiday destinations – along with Dian Sastrowardoyo (Indonesian Actress and Model) and a friend during his postgraduate study at the School of Business and Management of the Bandung Institute of Technology. By applying the helicopter view concept, Frame A Trip, which initially only had 70 photographers in several cities, has grown rapidly by successfully empowering more than 700 photographers in more than 400 destinations around the world. Now, Endra is pursuing new challenges by becoming the Chief Marketing Officer of Multi Inti Digital Bisnis, which manages 5 digital startups.

“For me, PJI provides a program that invests many important things for the future of young Indonesians. High school students have the opportunity to build entrepreneurial skills early on and participate in international competitions that introduce them to the wider world. This is truly an amazing eye-opening experience that can motivate them to have dreams and create something better in the future. So, in this year of celebrating century of JA, I hope that Prestasi Junior Indonesia could benefit more young Indonesians, especially those who have great potential but do not have access and opportunities to improve their abilities.”