AHM Guide Students in Work Readiness Visit

May 19, 2015 – Students from three Jakarta vocational schools were hosted by Astra Honda Motors on Tuesday 12 May. Seventy students had an opportunity to learn about the world of business directly from experts and were able to visit the production and assembly areas of the factory. This provided an opportunity for students to view every stage of the production of a Honda motorcycle. They learnt that over 5,000,000 are produced in Indonesia every year and the factory produces a new motorbike every 20 seconds during each 24 hour cycle. This was particularly relevant for students from SMKN 5 – a technical school comprised of students interested in entering the workforce in an industry such as that of AHM. The trip was an inspiration for the 16 years and encouraged them to think seriously about possible vocations and career paths. Thanks to AHM and Bank Permata the students were able to learn about the world of work by visiting the site of one of the nation’s most successful industries.

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