PJI Works With KPC to Help Small Businesses Achieve Success

Oct 2, 2015 – PJI was instrumental in the mobilization of successful entrepreneurs from Java to provide training for start-ups in the Regency of East Kutai during September. The event was a Motivation Training for Entrepreneurship with the theme of “Daripada Wara-wiri, Lebih Baik Wirausaha” (Rather than wandering around, let’s start your busines) held in Sangatta, East Kutai, East Kalimantan on 14-15 September 2015. With quality speakers that are DR. Slamet Wuryadi SP, MP (founder and owner of Slamet Quail Farm (SQF), one of Indonesia’s biggest quail producers), Ir. Kriswiyanto (Senior Trainer of SQF), Hj. Lina S. Rahmania (founder and owner of Bebek Box and Sambal Hj. Lina, a trendy dish in Indonesia at the moment), and Oska Yoris (Head of BPD Kalimantan Timur, East Kutai Branch). PJI and PT Kaltim Prima Coal have worked together for several years in a strategy of strengthening local business operations to assist in their sustainability. This is of great importance in the area as the mine site has a finite future and the corporation believes it is imperative to support local businesses in their drive for independence away from the mining operation, ensuring long term economic success for the region. The entrepreneurs were a hit with the local population as they were able to demonstrate that a successful business operation can emanate from simple ideas – these entrepreneurs were able to convey the many facets of business operation in simple and real terms. Consequently there was a great interest and the second day of the free training was attended by a large audience who were attracted by the content and the explanations provided by the speakers during day one. The training was a success and both PJI and KPC hope the participants were motivated and inspired to start their own business in the near future and become independent entrepreneurs who will develop East Kalimantan even further.

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