Lestari Lingkunganku, Sehat Keluargaku

Nov 13, 2015 – The 2015 Prudential Chairman’s Challenge has ended with a vibrant ceremony at the location of Gandaria Utarain South Jakarta. This followed on from a series of four weekend visits focusing on, in addition to financial literacy, a variety of interventions to assits in the well-being of residents. This is a low income area covering 10.5 ha with a population of 2,996 – some 285 people per ha. Conditions of the environment and standards of health of Indonesia’s municipalities are often compromised by the ineffectual deposition of waste. Vacant land is frequently viewed, by residents, as a location in which waste can be deposited without a realisation of the adverse implications of these actions. This practise leads to additional issues associated with the propagation of pests and diseases which, in turn, compromises the health of local residents.

The project aim was to educate residents about appropriate waste management through interactive engagement and education and combine this with lessons on financial management delivered by Prudential volunteers. This was achieved through facilitating Prudential volunteer engagements and working together to modify the environment. Improved health was a major aim given the levels of preventable disease prevalent within the community. Augmenting the focus on well-being was the provision of breast cancer screening facilities organized by Prudential and delivered by the Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation.

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