Accelerating Pathways

Nov 26, 2015 – Prestasi Junior Indonesia, together with support from the Citi Foundation and volunteers from Citibank branches in Indonesia, have been working with 15-17 year olds matriculating at 30 vocational schools in five Indonesian cities in an initiative known as Growing the Spirit. This embodies the principles of developing a sustainable livelihood through participation in entrepreneurship activities by a) providing an entrepreneurship curriculum within the classroom for 8,000 students and b) facilitating and supporting student run micro-enterprises in each school.

The recent Citi Foundation ‘Accelerating Pathways’ study documents the Youth Economic Strategy (YES) Index in 35 cities across the world measuring the drivers and enablers which promote youth economic opportunities. Jakarta was one of these cities and the findings highlight a need for comprehensive strategies to improve the drivers and enablers of opportunity for youth in this large urban area. The city ranks 33 of 35 cities in the YES Index with the employment and entrepreneurship domain score of 34 out of 35 the second lowest in the study.

The work undertaken by PJI and Citibank in selected Jakarta vocational schools is beginning to address the need for an education which promotes the knowledge, skills, and attitude/values needed for young people to start up their own small business operation. The study indicates there is a lot of optimism amongst these young people and it is certainly something we have noticed as we work with students in schools. However many lack the confidence to establish their own small business operation and, given their marginalised family background, it is usually a stable income that is needed after their departure from school. By entering their classrooms and introducing the idea of small business as a means to achieve a sustainable livelihood through a hands-on entrepreneurship experience PJI and Citibank are presenting an opportunity which is met with great enthusiasm. In fact the winner and runner-up of our National Student Company Competition 2015 were both micro-enterprises supported by Citi Foundation and Citibank volunteers. Together we believe that by introducing the ideas of entrepreneurship to students now we are providing drivers and enablers to ensure that these young people will have the confidence and knowledge to begin and operate their own businesses with success. In so doing this success contributes to the well-being of the family and their community and will ultimately improve Jakarta’s ranking in the Youth Economic Strategy Index.

Please click on the link below to access Accelerating Pathways: Youth Economic Strategy Index 2015. Note page 24 Jakarta.


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