Winner - My Healthy Environment, My Healthy Family

Mar 10, 2016 – Prestasi Junior Indonesia is pleased to announce success in winning the Prudential plc Chairman’s Award 2015 for Well-Being and Protection. The Chairman’s Challenge is Prudential’s flagship international volunteering program encouraging personnel to become involved in community based projects in their own time. Launched in 2006 the programme has proven to be highly successful, with the number of volunteers increasing every year.

Every Saturday for a period of six weeks a total of 321 volunteers from Prudential Indonesia worked with Prestasi Junior to regenerate waste land and promote healthy living in a low income, densely populated area of South Jakarta. The project involved ‘re-invigorating’ the environment, facilitating local health clinics and implementing financial education sessions for residents. The project aim ws to educate residents on appropriate waste management through interactive engagement and education. This was achieved through facilitating Prudential volunteer engagements and working together to modify the place in which the community lived for the better. Improved health was a major aim given the levels of preventable disease prevalent within the community. Also of considerable impact was a focus on the well-being of women. Lessons on household financial management were delivered by volunteers together with the provision of breast cancer screening services.

Prestasi Junior wishes to thank the wonderful team of volunteers at Prudential. Their motivation was inspirational as they worked hard, in many cases, under the hot tropical sun. Every year Prestasi Junior offers a new challenge for the volunteers and every year their endeavours result in a tremendous positive impact for the community.

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