Prestasi Junior Indonesia Creates Career Exhibition Days

Jun 13, 2016 – Over two days in both Surabaya and Denpasar Prestasi Junior Indonesia, with the support of the JPMorgan Chase Foundation, conducted Career Exhibitions involving more than 4000 young Indonesians and 70 medium to large scale businesses in the manufacturing, hospitality, and other industrial sectors. These businesses were interested in looking to employ school leavers and other young job seekers in a range of different fields. During the events guests from the world of business were invited to address young Indonesians and answer their questions. An excellent example of this was, the BALINALE Film Festival, whose participants spoke to students about the many types of employment and career paths available in the film industry.

Prestasi Junior’s objective is to make the links between our JA Career Success program graduates and potential employees, assist in securing career paths, and monitoring performance over a period of six months.

The huge number of participants far exceeded our expectations and the task is to now track graduate progress in securing and holding on to employment in East Java and Bali.

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