Anak Cerdas Meets The Press

Dec 1, 2016 – To celebrate its first year of implementation the Anak Cerdas financial literacy program, supported by HSBC, was showcased in front of the media at State Elementary School 12 Jakarta on Tuesday 29 September. A classroom full of third graders participated in the lessons of JA Ourselves using the digital format and tools. Each group of students were involved in the lesson using tablets with internet support from routers and a laptop. Members of the press became engaged with each of the student groups and participated in the lessons – it was, perhaps understandably, very noisy as students enthusiastically collaborated with media and business volunteers from Bank Ekonomi and HSBC whilst actively participating in digital learning.

Providing an overview of the last year’s implementation and looking ahead to the future was Nunik Sutyoko (SVP Corporate Affairs, HSBC Indonesia) and Robert Gardiner (Management Advisor, Prestasi Junior Indonesia). Complementing their information was the involvement of Dr Anna Surti Ariani from the Department of Psychology at the University of Indonesia. She was able to provide additional information as to the positive values of the each child’s involvement in the program including the additional values which can transcend the classroom and into the home.

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