The New Cha-Ching Curriculum Program is Greeted with Great Enthusiasm in Sidoarjo

Mar 17, 2017 – Prestasi Junior Indonesia is pleased to have an opportunity to work with the Prudence Foundation and Education Authorities from Kebupaten Sidoarjo to implement a brand-new initiative in support of creating an improved awareness of the management of money for the young. At class three level up to 28,000 students will experience the Cha Ching sequence of lessons and learn about saving, spending, earning, and donating. These lessons are delivered in an innovative fashion using videos inspirational videos and associated hands on activities.

With the support of the local education department this will be a teacher driven initiative so, therefore, it has been necessary to train almost 1000 teachers and provide each of them with an understanding of content and competency in the use of innovative teaching tools and strategies.

Sidoarjo is the first region in Indonesia and only the second in the world (Philippines was the first) to operate Cha-Ching. Although this first year of implementation is considered a pilot we are confident of positive impact and certainly are looking at expansion to other areas of Indonesia in 2018.

Attending the launching of the event was Marc Fancy (Executive Director – Prudence Foundation), Vivian Lau (President Director – Junior Achievement Asia Pacific), Bapak Haji Nur Ahmad Syaifuddin (Wakil Bupati – Kebupaten Sidoarjo).

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