The Chairman Visits

Apr 18, 2017 – Prestasi Junior Indonesia has successfully undertaken the rejuvenation of Taman Mataram and converted it to a public space which has a financial literacy theme – the first of its kind in Indonesia. Our efforts resulted in success in the Prudential plc Chairman’s Challenge Innovation Award 2016. Prestasi Junior Indonesia, together with the team from Prudential Indonesia, received this award for a second year in the row (winning the well-being and protection award in 2015) which includes a grant of £10,000.

Over a period of five weeks several hundred Prudential Volunteers working with Prestasi Junior Indonesia and the Faculty of Landscape Design at Trisakti University worked on converting a relatively benign park seldom used by the local population (even though multiple schools are located nearby) into a special green space with a financial literacy theme.

In celebration of this success Mr. Paul Manduca, the Prudential plc Chairman and Mr Sean Rach, Chief Marketing officer, Prudential Corporation Asia, visited the Park on Thursday 30th March. Welcomed to the Park by Ms Nini Sumohandoyo they met students and inspected the financial literacy innovations which have been integrated within the design to promote improved financial awareness.

Having participated in the Prudential Chairman’s award over a period of ten years it was great to have the opportunity to present, to the Chairman himself, the work undertaken within the Jakarta community which he promotes.

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