JA in a Day with Caterpillar in West Java

Sep 6, 2017 – Working together with volunteers, including 8 excellent senior staff from the Caterpillar Cileungsi plant and Jakarta offices, Prestasi Junior delivered the JA Career Success initiative to an impressive group of 118 students from State High School Gunung Putri in West Java. These students, in their third and final year of high school, were extremely focused on every lesson as they understood how important the information was for them to achieve success after graduating from high school next year. Learning about critic al thinking, communication, creativity, and conflict management through experiential learning provided beneficiaries with an understanding of how to achieve success in the workplace or, even, during their ongoing studies. All students applied themselves to the task of developing a cv using the support from volunteers, many of whom represented the HR department of Caterpillar. These business professionals were able to transfer their knowledge small working groups of 12 students throughout the session.

Prestasi Junior is very pleased to have had this opportunity to improve the capacity of young Indonesians to achieve success after graduating from high school. The engagement of enthusiastic Caterpillar volunteers supported our goal or preparing and inspiring these students.

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