Synergy for Success

Sep 26, 2017 – The celebration of a successful partnership between the Prudence Foundation, JA Asia Pacific, and a range of stakeholders representing education interests in the Regency of Sidoarjo (East Java) took place on Wednesday 13th September. Visiting the location of a teacher driven Cha-Ching Curriculum initiative provided opportunities for Marc Fancy and Nicole (Prudence Foundation), Zul (Prudential Malaysia), Anna (Prudential Indonesia) and Vivian Lau (JA Asia Pacific) to achieve an understanding of the synergy developed between Education Authorities and Prestasi Junior Indonesia. During 2017 more than 29,000 students matriculating in the classrooms of 602 schools experienced six Cha-Ching Curriculum lessons delivered by 965 teachers. The scale of this undertaking required systematic support from local education authorities and this was delivered in many different forms. Endorsement of the initiative was paramount. So too was the mobilization of a supervisory team representing the education authority in support of monitoring and evaluation processes. This proved to be an extremely significant factor in program success as teachers were encouraged to deliver innovative education practice through the use of enterprising Cha-Ching Curriculum tools.

Participation by the aforementioned individuals and groups within a discussion forum during the visitation provided insight into program success. This highlighted the importance of groups working together to achieve significant impact within all Regency government schools. As a result of an initial school visitation followed by interactive dialogue during the discussion forum all groups were able to learn of examples of exceptional best practice and creativity. The overwhelmingly positive response from Principals, teachers and parents was greatly appreciated by the Prudence Foundation and JA Worldwide. Consequently, Prestasi junior Indonesia is looking forward to the continuation of the initiative in Sidoarjo and replication of its success elsewhere, both within Indonesia and in other locations within Asia Pacific.

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