USAID Jadi Pengusaha Mandiri (JAPRI) Provides Seed Funding and
Business Mentoring for 90 Young Entrepreneurs in Trenggalek

Jan 22, 2018 – An enthusiastic group of 90 poor and vulnerable youth in Trenggalek District have successfully received seed funding and business mentoring by the United States government through USAID JAPRI (Jadi Pengusaha Mandiri), an entrepreneurship training program. The young people aged 18-30 years have followed a rigorous selection processes and a series of training sessions since September 2017. All participants attended the selection process, entrepreneur workshops and trainings. After completing the series of activities, participants were required to submit a Business Plan Proposal to be assessed by a team of jury members.

The participants of United States Agency for International Development (USAID) JAPRI are encouraged to find the potential of their region and create a business opportunity that can be developed. By doing this, participants are also expected to empower the surrounding community and provide positive economic impact by enabling improvements in overall welfare of their region.

Prior to the Business Inauguration, 90 selected beneficiaries followed a Self-Leadership Workshop that was delivered by Mr. Sahala Harahap. This workshop aimed to optimize their self confidence, leadership skills, and organization management.

Funding and support was ultimately provided to 90 beneficiaries to establish and operate their own business. Within a period of 18 months initiative program, it provides Business Coaching and Business Mentoring sessions. The business coaches will guide each participant once a month by monitoring their business operational. Participants will also visit a business location that similar to their business field to learn through direct engagement.

USAID JAPRI is a part of the Kunci initiative, a partnership between the Government of Indonesia and USAID designed to develop the skills of low-income young adults. Kunci will train and provide resources and to 200.000 youth to be well prepared by increasing the access to the workforce development programs including entrepreneurship initiation. Badan Pusat Statistik (Central Agency on Statistics of Indonesia) released the data of poverty numbers in Indonesia indicate that there were 27,7 millions poor people in early 2017* with 16,6% of them located in East Java Province. The statistics showed that East Java as the province with the largest number of poor people in Indonesia. Prestasi Junior Indonesia, as one of the implementing partners of USAID JAPRI, is committed to encourage young people to be challenged and ready to improve their capabilities and chase their dreams.

*Source: https://www.bps.go.id/dynamictable/2016/01/18/1119/jumlah-penduduk-miskin-menurut-provinsi-2007-2017.html

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