Scaling Up of HSBC Supported Anak Cerdas

Mar 7, 2018 – The Anak Cerdas program, supported by HSBC Indonesia, is now in its third year of implementation. Leveraging support from Prestasi Juniors local government contacts Anak Cerdas is enabling more young people in Indonesia to learn about financial literacy. They are doing so through the comprehensive use of digital tools in the classroom – in fact, no paper is used at all! Three different educational initiatives adapted from the JA Worldwide library of elementary programs are taught to students through the use of tablets and routers in classrooms in the larger provincial cities.

The use of these educational tools is met with great enthusiasm by students – almost all of whom display an adept use of digital learning tools. So, whilst using cutting edge technology, students from three different grade levels participate in a series of five lessons (fifteen total), focusing on foundation principles of financial management. Students are introduced to concepts such as saving and earning, they are able to determine the difference between needs and wants, and are even introduced to the world of banking.

The HSBC Smart Kids program visits cities using a roadshow strategy. PJI staff travel from city to city visiting schools (recommended by local education authorities) and teaching young people about money management. The student below, from a Semarang elementary school, is so pleased to have an opportunity to learn using a tablet with five enterprising lessons stored on it. Reactions from all schools continues to be extremely positive as many schools seldom have an opportunity to incorporate Education Technology within their lessons.

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