First State Investments Indonesia Boost Students Financial Skill

Mar 29, 2018 – A successful partnership between Prestasi Junior Indonesia and First State Investments Indonesia provided opportunities for third, fourth, and fifth graders studying in SDN Babakan dan SDN Pengadilan 1 Bogor to participate in the innovative financial education program JA Our Family, JA Our City and JA Our Region. Through these programs, the students learned how to differentiate needs and wants, goods and services, saving and spending.

The students were very excited and enthusiastic as they participated in programs that were delivered through inter-active game apps on tablets. All learning materials were with an attractive series of tablet based lessons enabling financial literacy to become more child-friendly and ensuring ease of learning.

In addition to becoming employed by others, students were taught that they can also earn money by becoming an entrepreneur who manages the resources and creates a product or service. Students learnt that entrepreneurs can have a positive impact on the community by providing employment and thereby improving the economy.

In the first year of collaboration, this digital financial literacy initiative has involved 372 students. First State Investments Indonesia and Prestasi Junior Indonesia are working together to improve students financial literacy and with this knowledge, they are now better able make smart financial decisions for themesleves and their families.

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