Young Entrepreneurs from Indonesia crowned
the 2018 JA Asia Pacific Company of the Year in Beijing, China

Apr 4, 2018 – Entrepezo Nature Indonesia, the student company representing SMA Plus Pembangunan Jaya, made Indonesia proud by achieving the honour of First Place at 2018 JA Asia Pacific Company of the Year Competition. This event was held by JA Asia Pacific and hosted by JA China on Thursday (28/3) until Saturday (31/3). They outperformed 21 other teams representing 14 countries in the Asia Pacific region.

In this annual business competition, the group of four young women brought their innovative products, namely the Semerbak Nusantara natural car air freshener, and Freshdisk, flashdrive with air fragrances, to the competition. These freshener products are offered with 6 variants of typical Indonesian aroma, Mandailing Cananga, Toraja Coffee, Lamongan Lemongrass, Wakatobi Breeze, Limau Madang, and The Forest. The judges were very impressed with the students business acumen – developing a successful company with innovative products and using sustainable business model.

Management Advisor of Prestasi Junior Indonesia, Robert Gardiner, said, “The four young women from Pembangunan Jaya excelled in all aspects of the judging criteria. Their business model and innovative product impressed the jury panel. Just reward for students who have been exceptionally diligent in the operation of their business and preparation for the Asia Pacific competition. The business has massive potential for future growth and Prestasi Junior, together with the Pembangunan Jaya school community, will be encouraging the company to continue production and innovation.”

Balqis Sabita Khalila, President Director of Entrepezo Nature Indonesia SC, said, “Being a representative of Indonesia in the Asia-Pacific competition is a very valuable experience for us. We are grateful and very happy to be able to bring home the trophy for Indonesia. This achievement motivates us to continue this business in order to provide a positive impact for the environment and society.”

Indonesia was also represented by SMANCIS 2 Student Company. This team of four girls also won a prestigious accolade – the Belt and Road Award. This signature award was sponsored by Road King Investment and Asset Management and Road King Expressway. Their product, Superlacto Liquid Fertilizer, was acknowledged by the judges at the Asia Pacific event as having massive potential to benefit the many communities involved within the Belt and Road Initiative.

The product has two variants, including Super Lacto Flower & Fruit and Super Lacto Leave & Stem. The fertilizer is made from organic waste so it’s eco-friendly and affordable. SMANCIS 2 SC helped farmers’ communities in the West Bandung Regency increase farm productivity without increasing production costs. During 3 months of operation, they have already sold 1.395 Super Lacto bottles.

The group of four young women representing SMAN 1 Cisarua received full-support form Citi Indonesia and the Citi Foundation. During the preparation process, business professionals from Citi Indonesia provided intensive mentoring to the students to meet competition criteria. In addition, the costs associated with participation were fully funded by Citi Indonesia.

The year 2018 marked the 8th JA AP COY, 88 students representing 22 student companies participated in the regional competition, the largest JA AP COY event by far. The student companies represented 14 nations including: Brunei, China, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Turkmenistan, and Vietnam. In addition, two ‘invitation’ student companies from JA Europe (Denmark) and JA Africa (Gabon) also joined to enhance cross-border experience for all participants.

During the three-days of competition in Beijing, all student companies were assessed within a rigorous process, including company report, business presentations and panel interviews. A jury comprised of entrepreneurs, academics, and representatives from the local business community provided their assessment. The participating student companies have showcased and put their businesses in the real market place at the JA AP COY Trade Fair which was held in the Atrium Pacific Century Place, Beijing on the last day.

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