HSBC and PJI Improve Student Access to Innovative Financial Literacy Programs

Nov 6, 2018 – Over a period of three years a purely digital financial literacy initiative has taken place in multiple classrooms in fifteen cities around Indonesia. During this time, 14,766 students at elementary school level have had an opportunity to improve their levels of financial literacy through engagement in the HSBC Smart Kids Program. This consists of fifteen JA Worldwide elementary school lessons delivered for students at three grade levels using purely digital curricula and tools – no paper! This has proven to be an immense success as these young people really enjoyed using the tablets and becoming engaged in activities which compel them to analyse and make decisions – and all the time having fun.

HSBC has enabled the conversion of these tablet based programs to a Smart Kids on-line initiative accessed through registration with Prestasi Junior. Teachers will now be able to utilize the lessons within classrooms. Data regarding number of students registering is monitored by the site manager. To celebrate this innovation HSBC and PJI hosted a launching together with the Director General of Primary and Secondary Education, Dr Hamid Muhammad, and the representative of Otoritas Jasa Keuangan on Tuesday 6 November. Teachers from Jakarta elementary schools were invited to attend to learn of this undertaking and participate in workshops promoting classroom use.

Together, HSBC and PJI wish to promote the use of education technology within Indonesia classrooms and do so by ensuring students become more aware of the importance of improved financial management.

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