Community Empowerment in Papua

Nov 27, 2018 – The Prestasi Junior team is using its 18 months of experience and resource development emanating from engagement in the USAID JAPRI Inclusive Workforce Development Initiative in support of propagating small business start-ups and growth in Jayapura. With the support of Prudential Indonesia, we will identify the most suitable beneficiaries and set about methodically generating attitudes, skills and knowledge to enable Papuan youth to begin and successfully operate their own businesses. Prestasi Junior is well aware of the challenges faced however we enter this undertaking with excitement as out team now have the opportunity to improve the welfare of a community in the Eastern most province of the nation. We have acquired strategic support from the Mayor of Jayapura which has enabled the development of planning with various government entities. Meetings with the respected Cendrawasih University have also proved extremely useful. The Prestasi Junior Value Chain Analysis team has just returned from their first month of engagement. The bounty of information gleaned from speaking with stakeholders during their stay in the city is now being compiled and analysed. The many small businesses in the city are not owned and operated by Papuans – 60% of the population are immigrants to the region and it is this large group which is engaged in economic pursuits. At this time, very few Papuans are involved in a structured business undertaking although some potential exists, particularly in the agriculture sector. At this early stage, it is evident that significant refinements will be needed to the curriculum developed for use in East Java to cater for the specific needs of the target population in Jayapura. This includes not only subject matter but also techniques and strategies to promote and consolidate understanding. We are pleased that this initiative is scheduled to be undertaken over a period of three years as it will be necessary to move deliberately and coherently if success is to be achieved. The support provided by Prudential Indonesia reinforces Prestasi Junior’s commitment to address the key sustainable development goals – specifically, 1) No Poverty, 8) Decent Work and Economic Growth, 10) Reduced Inequalities, and 17) Partnerships for the Goals. A period of three years will enable us to make as large an impact as possible using, as a foundation, the JA Worldwide tools and strategies and Prudential Indonesia support.

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