Young Business Leaders Will Be Female

May 12, 2019 – The Bali regional student company competition took place on the 12 May in Denpasar. Five student companies competed for the honour of representing the region at the national level in Jakarta, August 10th. Each school based company selected a leadership team tasked with presenting company operations over a period of, at least, three months to a group of judges. These leadership teams were almost all female (just two males were involved). And the winning team – EMI from State Highs School 2 Denpasar, some 22 members, were all female!

Female engagement in our school based micro-enterprises continues to be a trend in all locations. Leadership roles are taken by females between the ages of 15 and 17 years as they exhibit a greater maturity, tend to have better organizational skills, and maintain an attention to detail. The students from State High School 2 are certainly representative of these characteristics and, combining with traditional Balinese creativity, they currently manifest potentials for business success. Further improvement is required in the design and functionality of their product which will be undertaken in preparation for the National competition.

Two influential Balinese business personalities, Pak Windu and Ibu Winnie participated in the judging panel and were proud to select the EMI team as winners. They have consented to provide ongoing coaching/mentoring in support of building business capacity and professionalism within EMI.

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