AIG Supported Companies are Launched!

May 28, 2019 – During the month of May three Jakarta schools, receiving volunteer and funding support from, AIG Indonesia, have successfully launched their student run business enterprises. These student companies located at State High School 35 and State Vocational High Schools 27 and 38 have impressed with their commitment and aspirations. Each company has come up with a unique product which, although requiring refinement, has great potential. An especially close connection with concepts of eco-friendly products and production techniques is evident. For example, students from SMAN 35 are producing faux plastic bags from seaweed and SMKN 38 have come up with a great organic lip balm made from beetroot! Volunteers from AIG have been active supporters throughout implementation. The President and CEO, Mr. Rob Logie, attended a launching as did other senior management. It certainly is impactful when the students experience the engagement of business volunteers as, not only does it provide for transfer of knowledge, but it also has great motivational effects. The AIG volunteers have an excellent rapport with students and the advice of the experienced business people is taken on board by the students as they improve their company and the products they produce. Worth noting, is the fact that 90% of the leadership positions overall are secured by females – in fact, all leaders at SMKN 38 are female.

PJI and AIG are looking forward to working with students as they grow their companies. They will compete in local competitions with the best team, assessed by a team of judges, advancing to a national competition scheduled for 10th August, 2019. We wish all the teams great success.

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