An Outstanding Volunteering Effort by HP!

Jun 20, 2019 – Two elementary schools in the city of Bogor were extremely pleased to host over one hundred volunteers from PT Hewlett-Packard Indonesia on Thursday 20th June. These schools cater for students from low income families and are not well resourced. However, HP is helping through the donation of ten brand new computers and a printer to each of the schools. They have also been instrumental in setting up a computer lab with the required infrastructure that enables students from 3rd to 6th grade to use this education technology.

Most of the elementary students at these schools have not used computers before – none have them at home. Therefore, the initiative will prove extremely beneficial for the students enrolled in each school over years to come. The HP volunteers spent the day working with 200 students using activities generated by PJI to familiarize each student with the use of computers. We were able to augment the number of donated computers with additional rented units so volunteers were able to work closely with very small groups of students. The support from HP was able to facilitate the first use of computers for the 200 students in a special JA and HP in a Day activity – without volunteer engagement this would never have happened. This grass roots level investment within marginalized communities and led by the HP President Director, Hendry Widjaja, really focuses on exposing young Indonesians to the importance of understanding technology. This is a very first step in an education process which will motivate understanding now and in the future. Thank you HP!

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