JA More than Money Enter Year Eleven!

Jun 28, 2019 – Research by Gallup shows that two-thirds of adults are financially illiterate. In fact, lack of financial awareness and literacy can lead to high debt, insolvency,and lifelong poverty. To help combat the challenge of financial illiteracy, Prestasi Junior Indonesia (PJI) and PT Bank HSBC Indonesia (HSBC Indonesia) continued the implementation of the JA More than Money program for middle school students in 11 cities in Indonesia.

JA More than Money encouraged Indonesian students to explore money-management skills and become familiar with the key differences among earning, saving, and spending. They learn that money can be saved in a financial institution such as a bank and how that money can earn interest. Through hands-on activities and a cast of kid-friendly characters serving as symbols for financial literacy and entrepreneurship concepts, students also learn a practical approach to start a business and develop a basic business plan. Additionally, the participants of JA More than Money also have the opportunity to visit selected HSBC Bank branch offices across Indonesia. They can see and experience banking activities, such as money deposits, the function of ATM machines, and foreign currency exchange.

This innovative program and the involvement of 100 volunteers gave an extraordinary impact for 3,795 students from middle school this year. They have learnt a lot of new things about finance and entrepreneurship, which are rarely obtained from teachers in their class. They also get a fantastic opportunity to experience banking services exclusively. As a result, students gained a significant improvement in their understanding of financial management and are now better prepared to manage their money wisely in the future.

Prestasi Junior Indonesia and HSBC Indonesia believe that people must be equipped with the knowledge and money-management skills to make smart financial decisions. For 11 years, our collaboration has successfully benefitted 30,752 middle school students, as well as involving 255 teachers from 135 schools. By providing relevant, hands-on learning, the JA More than Money program teaches students the basics of money management early on, and prepares an entire generation to become more financially responsible and literate adults who contribute positively to their communities.

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