Another Very Close Call in Jakarta

Jul 13, 2019 – An indication of the sustained success of the JA Company Program in Indonesia in 2019 has been the very close finishes at competitive level in almost all regional locations. All teams are now much more competent than in the past and there is often very little to determine the best team from others. The challenge of selecting the best team continued to present itself to judges in Jakarta on Saturday 14th July. Two corporations, Citi and AIG, have supported student run businesses in five and three schools, respectively, in Jakarta over the last 6 months. It was the jury’s challenging task to select the best school based JA Company representative of Citi support and the best as supported by AIG. At the end of the day (which did not end until 9pm, in part, due to extensive jury deliberation) two schools were selected to advance to the Indonesian competition scheduled for Lotte Avenue Mall on Saturday 10th August.

The students from State High School 81 Jakarta, supported by Citi and State Vocational High School 27, supported by AIG, will compete for the honour of representing the nation at the JA Worldwide Asia Pacific Competition 2020 in Guam. However, there is still much work for the students to undertake before they can be considered as competitive at the Indonesian national event in August. Both companies need to spend time improving their products and refining their presentation and interview skills – and they just have three weeks to do it!

Prestasi Junior must also thank the fantastic judges all of whom are experienced business people and 50% of them are our student company alumni. They gave up almost 12 hours of their time to select the best team and did so with great professionalism. Thanks goes to;

Raymon Setiadi – Founder and CEO, PT Aitindo Indonesia (alumni)
Yosephin Dewi – Director and CFO, PT Marsh Indonesia
Nyi Mas Gianti Bingah Erbiana – Legal Counsel, PT Daimler Commercial Vehicles Indonesia (alumni)
Pratiwi Dian Rosani, Marketing Manager added value Bebelac, Danone (alumni)
Firzie Firdaus – VP Legal Compliance and Public Affairs, PT Marsh Indonesia
Rudiansyah – Head of PR and Digital, PT Suzuki Indonesia Motors

And a big thank you to Citi and AIG for supporting our student company programs in Jakarta over, at least, several years.

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