Enough Positive Energy to Light Up the Mall

Jul 14, 2019 – Prestasi Junior and Citi Indonesia were pleased to stage the 2019 Surabaya Regional Student Company Competition in Surabaya on the 15th July, What an event! Throughout the day the students set up their businesses and sold products to the customers and Grand Mall Surabaya. The students also responded enthusiastically to the challenge of presenting their company to a team of judges who then had a really tough task to select the winner. The sound of the energy exuding from each student company was, at times, deafening as support for each business was projected within the entire Mall. All candidates were supported by their teachers and family as they participated in assessment activities, all of which were scored by experienced business people – Pak Taufiq, Pak Arief, and Ibu Agnes.

Ultimately it was decided, after great discussion, that the students from SMKN 3 Sidoarjo were the winners. They produced an innovative bedside lamp disguised as a book and clocks which also acted as anti- mosquito devices. Both items of which are very handy to have available in the bedroom. These students will represent their region at the national competition in Jakarta on the 10th August. There is still a lot of work to do as the product design needs improvement (luckily Arief is an interior designer) and Agnes has significant competency in delivering presentations an stage presence. Both judges, Arief and Agnes, have graciously volunteered to visit the school and help the students prepare for the nationals. If they win at national level they will travel to Guam for the Asia Pacific competition.

This win is remarkable in that the school caters for students who are, generally, from less wealthy families. The company members have excelled in their dedication to company operation and have achieved massive knowledge acquisition and self-confidence. The improvement over time has been palpable and is a result of support from their teacher and Principal. This schools success would not have been possible without the help of the Citi Foundation. A great investment in the future of the nation.

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