Starbucks Volunteers Light Up Bandung

Jul 26, 2019 – It seemed as though there was enough energy generated by both Starbucks and students during our recent entrepreneurial day at Telkom Tourism Vocational High School Bandung on Friday 26 July to light up the city for a week! The 32 volunteers never hesitated to engage directly with 90+ students at a school which focuses on preparing young people for entry into the hospitality industry. The sound generated by a focus on activities designed to connect volunteers with small groups of students was, at times, deafening. The Starbucks volunteers were almost as enthusiastic as the students as they sought to achieve the best possible results during engagement in mini competitions throughout the day. The Prestasi Junior team are always pleased to have the opportunity to work with Starbucks volunteers. These volunteers are exceptional as they really apply themselves and connect with beneficiaries. They provide motivation and support for student engagement and are exceptional role models. This was the first day of ongoing collaboration which wew are looking forward to. We know the students will benefit greatly from this experience.

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