SMAN 2 Denpasar Crowned the 2019 Indonesia Student Company of the Year

Aug 10, 2019 – EMI SC, the student company representing SMAN 2 Denpasar, won the First Place of 2019 Indonesia Student Company Competition held by Prestasi Junior Indonesia at Lotte Shopping Avenue, Jakarta, on Saturday (10/8). They outperformed 9 others teams representing 8 cities in Indonesia, including Batam, Bogor, Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Denpasar, and Bojonegoro. They also got the honour to represent Indonesia in the 2020 JA Asia Pacific Company of the Year scheduled for March 2020 in Guam.

In this annual business competition, all student companies were assessed within a rigorous process, including company report, business presentations, and panel interviews. The participating student companies also prepared an attractive booth to showcase their products and businesses to the judges, communities, journalists, and other stakeholders. The judges were very impressed with the exceptional performance of students business and the enthusiasm manifested by all students.

Prestasi Junior would like to thank to all those who have supported the staging of this succesful competition:
1. Mr. Juandanilsyah, representative of Kementerian Pendidikan & Kebudayaan RI, and Mr. Andrew Shaw, representative of U.S. Embassy Jakarta, who gave the opening remarks.
2. Citi Foundation (Citibank Indonesia), Caterpillar Foundation, ExxonMobil Indonesia, AIG Insurance Indonesia, and Yayasan Pendidikan Jaya who supported the student company program over the period of the last eight months.
3. Our main judges team – Peter Meyer (Governor emeritus of American Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia), Yosephin Dewi (Chief Financial Officer of PT Marsh Indonesia), Santi Sari Esayanti (General Superintendent Media Relations of PT Freeport Indonesia), Nanang Siswanto (GM Operation and Business Development of Rama Putra Food Division and JA Alumni), Milla Feryanti (Director of Hotel Surya Yudha Purwokerto), Christopher Calvert (Jakarta Intercultural School), Pratiwi Dian Rosani (Marketing Manager Added Value for Bebelac Danone and JA Alumni), Nyi Mas Gianti Bingah Erbiana (Legal Counsel of PT Daimler Commercial Vehicles Indonesia and JA Alumni), and Stephane Pedreny.
4. The judges of company report – Diky Risbianto, Taufiq Hidayat, Sonny Rustiadi and Ikhwan Primanda.
5. The Prestasi Junior Indonesia Board members.
6. Our fellow journalists who covered the event.

After deliberation process, the winning teams were announced:

2019 Indonesia Student Company of the Year: SMAN 2 Denpasar (EMI SC)
First Runner Up: SMAN 3 Semarang (Visco SC)
Second Runner Up: SMKN 3 Buduran (SanG SC)
The Best Financial Management: SMAN 81 Jakarta (Keppel SC)
The Most Innovative Product: SMAN 2 Denpasar (EMI SC)

Congratulations to all winning team members – your efforts were outstanding!

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