HPE Creates an Awareness Amongst Jakarta’s Teenagers
of the Problems with Plastic

Sep 20, 2019 – Prestasi Junior always attempts to promote the integration of social and environmental factors within it’s student company initiatives each year. In so doing, students are able to develop product and marketing ideas which support social awareness and the importance of acting as custodians of the environment. To this end, Prestasi Junior and 38 volunteers from Hewlett Packard Enterprise Indonesia visited State Vocational High School 37 in Pasar Minggu, Jakarta, on Friday 20th September. For a whole afternoon we worked with high school students, identifying problems with plastic waste and working through strategies to mitigate these problems. Indonesia youth must be made aware of this issue as they are in a position to do something positive through becoming agents of change within their wider communities now and for many years to come. On Friday, students, working with volunteers in small groups, were required to construct an item out of waste products including plastic. The group selected as having the most innovative product was rewarded with a small prize. The objective was to emphasize recycling rather than just disposing of the plastic in a random fashion. We thank Bapak Hengkie and the HPE volunteers for giving up many hours of their office time to come to this School 37 in support of educating youth about the plastic problem. As a result of their engagement there are now many more students who possess the mindset of working together to address problems associated with plastic waste.

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