AIG Prepares Students for Entry Into the Workforce

Oct 21, 2019 – Every 12th Grade student matriculating at State Vocational High School 63 benefited from the impactful volunteering provided by the AIG Corporation and its personnel on Monday 21st October. These students understood the importance of this engagement and were very focused as, within six months, most will be endeavouring to enter the workforce and secure formal employment. With the help of 12 AIG volunteers some 160 students aged 17 year old were provided with a series of lessons focusing on the 4 ‘C’s’ – Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Conflict Resolution. The JA Career Success program also provided the AIG volunteers with the opportunity to simulate job interviews. These were analysed and replicated by students in groups managed by volunteers. The interviews were specifically engineered to provide practice for students who will be facing the very real prospect of participating in similar interviews to secure employment in the near future. The engagement also provided students with the important skill of constructing their very own personal brand in the form of their c.v. Models were provided for them and, with assistance from AIG, they set about developing their own versions ready for practical use in the months to come. PJI would like to thank the team from AIG, led by Ibu Susi, for a great volunteering session. The experience, for the students, was extremely impactful as all are readying themselves for entry into the workforce within a few months. The assistance therefore came at a very strategic time and, we are sure, that the students have been positively impacted by their interaction with AIG personnel.

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