Learn Financial Literacy Online Through “Edutech Anak Cerdas”

Mar 15, 2020 – The provision of pocket money by parents is often not followed by the encouragement of children to manage the money wisely.  In response to the need for children to possess financial management knowledge and skills Bank HSBC Indonesia and Prestasi Junior Indonesia have socialized Edutech Anak Cerdas (Smart Kids) to multiple communities in Denpasar, Jakarta, Medan and Surabaya known as Funancial Day. This technology-based financial literacy learning program facilitates the whole family’s involvement in the understanding of the basic concepts of finance. In so doing, the practice of wise money management is instilled and propagated from an early age. This exciting education resource can be accessed online at www.anakcerdas.prestasijunior.org. Everyone is able to enjoy the activities by simply registering with an email address, and even parents can utilize the 15 money management learning sessions divided into three segments, namely JA Ourselves, JA Our Community, and JA Our City. The Edutech Anak Cerdas lessons are the ideal learning tool for children who are forced to stay at home during this difficult time.

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