Expertise Contributes to the Success of Anak Cerdas

July 5, 2020 – Prestasi Junior was pleased to host Prita Ghozie as a guest on the latest Anak Cerdas Online Instagram session on the 5th July. This event was made possible by the support of HSBC Indonesia.  Prita is the CEO of ZAP Finance and also well known in Indonesia as a financial planner and financial educator. During her 60 minutes session Prita was able to provide 165 parents and children with information that is applicable to the families’ daily activities in support of improving their well-being. She emphasized the importance of good money habits particularly with respect to budgeting and the concepts of earning, spending, saving, and donating. The objective of this Instagram live event is to ensure that financial inclusion remains important during the difficult economic conditions such as these we are experiencing in Indonesia during the pandemic.

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