Innovative Education Supported by Hewlett Packard Indonesia

July 5, 2020 – We are beginning an exciting new project which involves the enthusiastic volunteers from Hewlett Packard and our high school students from multiple locations around Indonesia. This is a first – our students will learn about business and compete online using the JA Titan Business Simulation platform. This provides young people in teams of 2 or 3 to compete against each other for the title of Titans of Business. They do this by simulating the production of a product known as a ‘Hologenerator’. In running this business simulation students will be required to take into consideration the many different market conditions during each quarter of business operation and submit data which best addresses these conditions and promotes their business success. Using the server from the JA Office in Colorado the students will receive real-time feedback related to their decision-making and use this information to advance the productivity and success of their business.

Hewlett Packard volunteers play a very important role. In break-out rooms the volunteers will assist students in their decision-making using through knowledge and experience in the business world. Their assistance will provide an added resource for students to ensure that their decision making optimizes market conditions.

PJI is very happy to engage HP volunteers as their value is beyond the important contribution of knowledge. During this lengthy period of on-line learning Indonesian students are missing the social interaction and ‘human-factor’ of working directly with others. HP volunteer support helps address this challenge. It enables HP personnel to connect directly with students in break-out rooms where they can communicate and advise their business protégés. Therefore, the experience is not one dimensional but enables direct engagement in a competitive environment as there will be many teams operating in the market at the same time. In fact, it is not only the students but also the HP volunteers who will be competing against each other.

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