The Selection of Best Student-Run Enterprises has Begun at Regional Level

Aug 1, 2020 – The 1st of August saw Prestasi Junior Indonesia begin its selection of the best student-run business enterprises at regional level with an event in Bandung. Although the Bandung undertaking has been an annual event for the last five years the 2020 competition was conducted in very different circumstances to those of the past. As a result of the significant restrictions placed upon operations due to the threat of the Covid-19 virus this competition was the first we have conducted on-line. Student company operations supported by Citi Foundation and Citi Indonesia competed against each other to win the honour of travelling to Jakarta and participating in the national competition. Through a virtual process each student company presented their businesses and participated in interviews with a team of experienced judges.  At 2 pm, after some deliberation, we were ready to announce the winning team. This was SMAN 11 Bandung, the team behind Elecra Company. This group of students produced a product known as LOOKAT, a bucket hat made of the completely eco-friendly and sustainable materials burlap, linen, and cotton directed towards teenagers and young adults who are interested in keeping up with the latest fashion trends and becoming environmentally friendly. Elecra SC exhibited a sound sense of business operation and were able to respond to the judges’ questions with well-informed responses. Students also possessed a confidence which will prove beneficial as we prepare them for engagement at the national level.

We would like to thank the six judges who gave up their time on Saturday to participate in our first ever on-line competition.

Unang Mulkhan, Head of Research and Development Center for SDGs University of Lampung
Rowland Asfales, Co-Founder & CEO Pijakbumi (a sustainable footwear brand from Bandung)
Pratiwi Dian Rosani, Marketing Manager – Bebelac TN and added value Danone Specialized Nutrition Indonesia
Rudy Ahmad, Country Financial Planning and Analysis Head Citi Indonesia
Mei Hutasoit, HR Advisory for Global Consumer Banking Citi Indonesia
Defa Amira, Corporate Communications Senior Manager Gojek Indonesia

We were all extremely impressed with the professionalism and expertise of these individuals as the task was not an easy one.

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