What is WiSTEM2D?

Nov 2, 2020 – Students from Pembangunan Jaya Middle school were asked exactly that question before participating in the WiSTEM2D Minion Robot activity with volunteers from Johnson & Johnson Engineering and Property Services Asia Pacific recently. They became involved in an online ‘Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Manufacturing and Design’ activity which required them to construct a minion robot. Not only did this activity promote stem amongst 25 twelve year -old students, but it also engaged volunteers across borders in support of student learning. So, J&J business personnel from India, Singapore, and Indonesia participated in break-out rooms with small groups of students and took them through a step by step construction of a robot over a period of about two hours. Prior to the volunteering PJI delivered the necessary materials to each of the students’ home in preparation for the engagement.

The end of the WiSTEM2D activity saw students proudly displaying their small robots which they had constructed themselves. They realised that they, indeed, can learn about and become involved in STEM related experiences. J&J and Prestasi Junior believe that this is so important as it is important to instil this mindset in these middle school female students in anticipation of their consideration of career paths in the future. The students now know that a STEM career is a possibility.

The Prestasi Junior Indonesia team wishes to thank the senior personnel from J&J Engineering and Property Services for their involvement. It was an extremely impactful event which, in the time of COVID-19, was exceptionally well delivered. We look forward to further collaboration in the future.

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