A Celebration of International Women’s Day by JNJ Volunteers

Mar 8, 2021 – PJI was extremely pleased to host the ‘Women Career Class: Fresh Graduate Starter Pack to Enter the World of Work’ event online together with the fantastic volunteers from Johnson and Johnson Indonesia (JNJ) on Monday, 8th March. This special day focused on the development of important soft skills to assist young women in finding employment in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Manufacturing, and Design sectors. Using JA Worldwide materials adapted to specifically meet the needs of Indonesia’s young women some 126 school graduates from Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Malang, Bengkulu, Surabaya, Bojonegoro, Yogyakarta, Denpasar, and Batam were engaged in an online mentoring delivered by 43 business volunteers from JNJ. This began with inspirational addresses delivered by Nidya and Vita – two young women employed by JNJ and excellent role models for the students assembled by PJI. Subsequent to these speeches students were assigned break-out rooms to focus more explicitly on soft skills needed for a successful employment in companies such as JNJ. Some 40 break-out rooms engaging one mentor and 3 or 4 students were conducted over a period of several hours. These learning experiences included practicing job interviews between the JNJ volunteer and each student and appraisals of performance, understanding and developing personal branding, and developing c.v.’s in support of application for employment. These key soft skills are not taught in schools and therefore being able to link the volunteers with young women ready to graduate from school was of great value – 126 female graduates are now in a much better position to secure ‘good work’.

PJI wishes to thank the great volunteers from JNJ Indonesia who, collectively, gave up some 160 hours of their time to support the personal and professional development of young women in Indonesia. We would also like to thank the soon-to-be school graduates for their commitment and engagement during this event.

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