JA Job Shadow Online – No Problem!

Apr 6, 2021 – Students from 3 AIG-supported student companies located in the Greater Jakarta area were engaged in a very impactful JA Job Shadow program delivered online on 6 April. Some one hundred students and volunteers met remotely as a result of the pandemic – AIG staff are working from home and, so too are, the students. This event provided the opportunity for young people to learn from business professionals at a time when each student-run company is beginning to establish itself as a small business entity. During the course of the day, each of the students was able to learn directly from AIG personnel from the highest level including Rob Logie (CEO & President Director), Gevi Achdiat (Human Capital & Compliance Director), and Mick Morris (Finance Director) will be in a position to apply this information as their very own business entities advance. PJI is always most appreciative of the time AIG volunteers dedicate to supporting the future generation of business people in Indonesia. Led from the top, the volunteers operate at a level which creates an understanding amongst youth and inspires these youth to reach their potentials. For almost all of these students from vocational schools, this is the first time they have had an opportunity to interact directly with senior personnel from a leading multi-national. Consequently, the experience broadens horizons and asks students to consider potentials and aspirations.

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