Prestasi Junior Welcomes the Support from WhatsApp for Phenomenal New Program

Apr 18, 2021 – Following the success of a 2019-2020 collaboration between PJI and WhatsApp, we are pleased to announce the commencement of a comprehensive ‘Introduction to Entrepreneurship and WA Business Training’ initiative for 2021 and 2022 in Indonesia. Building upon PJI’s entrepreneurial education programs the WA engagement will develop best practices in optimizing utilization of online platforms, especially WhatsApp Learning. The project will focus on applicability and sustainability of digital learning. In so doing, WA team will train PJI staff to engage (train) teachers in the delivery of programs such as WhatsApp Business for Schoolteachers. Also included are modules focusing on entrepreneurship and staying safe on WhatsApp. The 11 staff trained by WA will then drive the initiative through engagement with ‘Master Teachers’. In collaboration, the Master Teachers and PJI will educate 250 teachers from a variety of locations across the nation to deliver the innovative digital literacy lessons. This initiative will ultimately engage approx. 18,750 students in 2021 and provide teachers with knowledge and confidence to utilize WA resources in the future.

An increased investment in PJI’s entrepreneur initiatives by WhatsApp has enabled significant scaling year on year together with an enhanced implementation strategy. The team at PJI are extremely pleased to be able to promote improved digital literacy education programs, including that focused on entrepreneurship and cyber safety, to the students we serve. Given the digital delivery nature of implementation the program reach is expansive. Training provides a mechanism for sustainability and the applicable use of digital platforms using smartphones.

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