MMC Volunteers Contribute to the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Young Indonesians

May 28, 2021 – The enthusiastic business volunteers from MMC in Jakarta have frequently contributed their time and energy to support the education of young Indonesians over many years. They have featured as members of national jury panels and mentored students from multiple school-based business enterprises – JA Company Program. This commitment continues in 2021 and, even though the pandemic means that engagement is accomplished remotely, a total of 32 MMC personnel worked with students from SMK Cendekia A.K. Yasmin and SMAN 34 Jakarta schools in June. Volunteers engaged groups of students in break-out rooms to help them build their commercial enterprises. Information discussed included product selection, market determination, and a competitive market. The engagement provided opportunities for experienced business people to pass on their knowledge, motivate a new generation of entrepreneurs, and role model success. Even more encouraging was the positive feedback and desire from MMC volunteers to continue to support students from these two businesses over the coming months.

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