The Inaugural FedEx Express International Trade Challenge Competition

Jul 3, 2021 – Prestasi Junior Indonesia was very pleased to hold the 2021 FedEx International Trade Challenge online in Indonesia. Although this competition has taken place in other Asia Pacific nations for many years it has been a wonderful experience to be able to involve Indonesian students for the first time. FedEx has been instrumental in this process of selecting six students to represent the country in the Asia Pacific competition scheduled for 9-11 August. The International Trade Challenge involved a final selection of ten teams (each comprised of two students) competing against each other in front of five esteemed judges for the honour of representing Indonesia at the international level. The task for students was to develop a market entry strategy for physical fashion products into Pakistan. Students were required to investigate all considerations involved in producing, distributing, and selling a product in a foreign market – a great opportunity for them to understand more about international trade.

The task for the judges was to select the three best teams based upon presentations and Q&A sessions. These jury panel members were of an exceptional standard (a representative from the Indonesian Embassy in Pakistan joined directly from Islamabad) and it is important that we acknowledge their commitment over a period of almost five hours. Thank you:

Rhicke Jennings – Managing Director, Indonesia and Asia Pacific Agent Served Countries, FedEx Express
Helen Anthonius – Commissioner BPR NAM and Owner NAM Group FMCG Distributor
Ari Satria – Secretary of the Directorate General of International Trade Negotiation, Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia
Rowland Asfales – CEO Pijakbumi
Syarif Shahabudin – Coordinator for Economic Affairs, Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Islamabad, Pakistan.

The winning teams were also of a high standard. Three teams will now participate in the Asia Pacific final and win the honour of best ITC candidate amongst competitors from 10 nations. The three winning teams were:

1st: Prudence Brittany Amarissa & Raissa Ardra Kirana, Team Khwabeeda Noor from Binus School Serpong, Tangerang
2nd: M. Dzaki Yaumal Atsal & Dzaqia Qurrota A’yun, Team D’Green from SMKN 3 Buduran, Sidoarjo
3rd: Stevia Anlena Putri & Boe, Felita Santoso, Team Chill and Laugh Club from SMA Karangturi, Semarang.

Winners were representative of private and state education institutions located in 3 different provinces and are comprised of 5 females and 1 male. The team from Prestasi Junior Indonesia wishes these students the very best as they join their peers from other Asia Pacific nations to participate in the FedEx Express/Junior Achievement International Trade Challenge Asia Pacific Finals.

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