AIG Continues to Support the Creation of
New Businesses Initiated by Young Indonesians

Jul 9, 2021 – The excellent community investment initiatives undertaken by PT AIG Insurance Indonesia (AIG Indonesia) in collaboration with Prestasi Junior Indonesia continues. This time, students from three schools are receiving professional support from AIG led by the President Director, Rob Logie, as to how to start up and operate a school-based micro-enterprise. The young entrepreneurs have successfully conducted a Grand Launching for each of their respective Student Companies. These mini enterprises are located at SMA HelloMotion Tangerang Selatan, SMKN 27 Jakarta, and SMKN 20 Jakarta and each has exhibited spirit and commitment in establishing their businesses and developing innovative products. Semaja SC from SMA HelloMotion currently produces a notebook from paper waste, Merakee SC from SMKN 27 Jakarta produces an attire with natural dyes, and Soe Wasa SC from SMKN 20 Jakarta produces a stylised jacket – pillow wrapped in non-plastic material. The exceptional spirit of student participants was evident during each launching event, despite limitations and challenges they face during the pandemic situation.  Students displayed eagerness to learn from AIG volunteers attending the launchings. The best team will be selected at regional level to progress to national competitions in November. From this point of each student company operation, it is very difficult to select a winner as all participants are exceptional. AIG Indonesia and PJI will continue to provide mentoring support and assist these young entrepreneurs in running their businesses, with the objective of creating successful young entrepreneurs in the future.

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