The Inaugural Combiphar Student Company Competition 2021

Aug 7, 2021 – Prestasi Junior Indonesia is pleased to partner with the PT Combiphar corporation to promote entrepreneurship within five vocational schools which focus on pharmacy in Jakarta, Bogor, and Depok during 2021. Notwithstanding the limitations placed upon their business operations during the time of Covid-19, all student companies have been able to establish and operate their businesses with success. Their enterprises have developed a business idea, produced a product, marketed this product, and sold each product to satisfied consumers. Over just three months of business operation the student run businesses have been able to, cumulatively, secure revenue of IDR25,600,000. This undertaking focuses on experiential learning and provides students with real-world engagement in business operation supported by Combiphar business volunteers. The five schools involved in this entrepreneurship initiative are:

1. SMK Farmasi Harapan Massa
2. SMK Farmasi Bhumi Husada
3. SMK Farmasi IKIFA
4. SMK Farmasi Bogor
5. SMK Farmasi Tunas Bangsa

On Saturday 7 August, Combiphar and Prestasi Junior Indonesia staged a culminating activity which brought together each of the five business operations in an online competition involving presentations, interviews, and assessment of written reports. A team of esteemed judges representing the world of business were assembled to assess performance – a difficult task given the high quality of these fledgling business operations. We greatly appreciate the support of these business volunteers during a very busy day;

1. Reno Rafly – Director of Catalyst Global Consulting and ALUMNAS Membership Chair
2. Maretha Vien Hapsari – R&D Formulation SPV, PT Ultra Sakti
3. Nadya Chandra Dewi – VP Marketing Communications, PT PasarPolis Indonesia
4. Bambang B. Suwarso – Managing Director KIB Consulting and Supervisory Board ALUDI (Asosiasi Layanan Urun Dana Indonesia)
5. Narida Lestari – Regional Talent Acquisition, Greater Asia Market HP Inc.
6. Meriell J.E. Tendean – Client Supervisor, Edelman Indonesia

This event coincides with a celebration of 50 years of operation of the PT Combiphar business in Indonesia and, on behalf of the students we serve in this initiative, we thank the corporation for their support of young Indonesians. The team from PT Combiphar, led by Ibu Maria Dwianto (Head of Corporate Communications and Community Development) expressed the importance of championing the cause of building business competencies of young Indonesian business people. Ibu Maria was very proud of the creativity and progress exhibited by these small business entities and encourages the student beneficiaries to continue their enthusiasm and innovation within the world of business upon graduation.

Through the greatest support to Indonesian education and the quality of young Indonesian people, PT Combiphar gave the scholarship with the total IDR 200 million as the token of appreciation to the winners who have always been enthusiastic in joining the program and created innovative ideas for their business.

The awards given to the winners divided into two categories. The first one was individual awards for the best president directors and the best five vice presidents, and the second was for the winning teams.

The winning teams, selected by the team of judges, were;

First Place Winner: Crown SC from SMK Farmasi Bogor
Second Place Winner: Licht Feroz SC from SMK Farmasi Harapan Massa
Third Place Winner: Jelova SC from SMK Farmasi IKIFA
Fourth Place Winner: Caori SC from SMK Farmasi Tunas Bangsa
Fifth Place Winner: Urban Glam SC from SMK Farmasi Bhumi Husada

Prestasi Junior Indonesia wishes to thank the team from Combiphar for their support of this very successful undertaking. The corporation support has been instrumental in developing business competencies and positively impacting the lives of young Indonesians in Jakarta, Bogor, and Depok.

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