FedEx International Trade Challenge Success

Aug 11, 2021 – Over the last 15 years, FedEx Express has partnered with JA Asia Pacific to host the Asia Pacific International Trade Challenge competition. In 2021, for the first time, Indonesian students were invited to participate in this three-day online event beginning on 9th August. Six students were selected to join their peers from China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Vietnam. One student from Bandung, Riefka Azka Aulia Hasna, was partnered with Seojin Ahn from South Korea and they set about addressing the following challenge and presenting their findings to a team of international judges on Wednesday 11th August.

With the world grappling with COVID-19, and specifically on how it changed people’s lives with social distancing, quarantine, and closed borders, create a market entry strategy for a physical product that enables people to recover or overcome such impact. Target market – the United Kingdom.

Together, Seojin and Riefka (known as Team Felicity) came up with the idea of a Teddy Bear. They understood that many young students are studying from home, and they felt it was necessary for children to maintain confidence and an interest in their studies. Therefore, this Teddy Bear (named Felice) would be provided with the electronic capability of supporting homework, assignments, and other school activities. Felice would be programmed to assist children in their studies of basic math, language, science, and other areas of learning.

This idea was considered to be very innovative by the jury team. Prestasi Junior Indonesia is pleased to announce that the Indonesia/South Korea team achieved third place in this competition. For Prestasi Junior Indonesia, and our students participating in the ITC (especially Riefka), this was an extremely pleasing result as this first year of participation was considered a time for the team to gain experience and learn. This experience would culminate in formal success at the Asia Pacific level in the future. However, to have team Felicity do so well in 2021 has been a bonus and a platform to build upon for the future.

Prestasi Junior Indonesia thanks FedEx for enabling representatives from Indonesia to participate in this Asia Pacific event for the first time and looks forward to future engagement. We also thank volunteers from FedEx Indonesia for their ongoing volunteering.

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