Indonesian Students Achieve Success in the 2021 Belt and Road Award

Aug 20, 2021 – Over a period of several weeks during the months of July and August four Indonesian students joined their peers from other Asia Pacific nations to participate in the 2021 Belt and Road Award Activities and Competition. This annual event is organized by JA China and the Shanghai Commercial Accounting School and focuses on dividing students, representing, different nationalities into groups of four or five individuals and requesting that they address a problem that is relevant in today’s digitalization development in a globalized world. Indonesia entered four students from four different schools;

Salsa Rizki – SMAN 71 Jakarta
Joanne Kennisa Adelina – SMAN 81 Jakarta
Ghaitsa Farah Najla – SMAN 1 Tuban
Joevita – SMAN 5 Semarang

Salsa and Joanne were in a team with students from China and Philippines, Ghaitsa with students from Hong Kong and China and Joevita with students from Korea and China. The culminating activity which took place on Friday, 20th August was the selection of the best teams by a team of business professionals and academics. Students were required to present ideas and respond to questions from the jury panel utilizing the knowledge and experience they had acquired over the previous weeks of collaboration. The focus of their attention was the topic of how digitalization solves problems. Their ideas and solutions should also adopt the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

Prestasi Junior Indonesia is very pleased to recognise the success of the Indonesian students throughout this international competition. Both Salsa and Joanne’s exceptional efforts resulted in the award for the best team effort which is remarkable given a need to overcome language and cultural barriers in order to ensure teamwork was maximised. Ghaitsa achieved a commendable success – she was a member of the overall winning team and was awarded the accolade of the Best Overall Business idea as part of the Belt and Road competition. Joevita was appointed a leader of one of these successful participating teams.

Prestasi Junior thanks our colleagues from JA China and the team from Shanghai Commercial Accounting School for enabling this international event to happen and inviting four young women from Indonesia to participate. The experience widens horizons and encourages cross-border collaboration. Students will certainly achieve an improved international perspective after connecting with peers from many other nations.

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