A Brand-New Global Engagement with Lenovo

Sep 17, 2021 – Prestasi Junior Indonesia is pleased to be participants in the inaugural Lenovo Global Innovation Challenge. Engaging six teams of five students the challenge involves students identifying issues within the communities in which they are part of and put together a blueprint for solutions to these issues using technology. An outstanding strategy of the Global Innovation Challenge is the engagement of Lenovo across borders. This was the case on Friday 24 September – business volunteers representing the corporation from Japan, Slovakia, India, and Hong Kong joined thirty Indonesian students online to talk about solutions and offer advice using their expertise and experience. We will hold an Indonesian competition in October attended by Lenovo judges who will have the responsibility of selecting the best Indonesian team to compete in the Global Innovation Challenge. The Indonesian team will compete against Lenovo supported teams from other nations such as the US, Russia, and Mexico.

PJI is extremely pleased to be part of this collaboration with Lenovo. Volunteering has been impactful, and students are learning a lot from this experience. It also widens the horizons of the students as they work with volunteers from around the world.

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