Another Great Collaboration with Starbucks

Nov 16, 2021 – It has been a challenging year for both Starbucks and PJI however, working together, we have certainly made a positive impact on the lives of 1,251 young Indonesians in the cities of Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Denpasar, Batam, and Yogyakarta. High School students have experienced entrepreneurship education by establishing a mini business, presenting a pitch to a team of judges and securing funding for their enterprises. These funds have been used to invest in the development of a product or service which has then been assessed by a team of judges. Student teams were required to compete against each other in each of the schools and present their products to judges during an online market day. The best teams were selected by judges and awarded prizes. Both PJI and Starbucks Indonesia see this as an important step in introducing entrepreneurship as a means to achieve a sustainable well-being to young people – a first step in a journey that many will take in the future. Participants learn soft skills, such as communication and collaboration, as well as achieving an understanding of basic business operation. Throughout this process the enthusiastic volunteers from Starbucks have been involved in a mentoring and assessment capacity delivered online. PJI looks forward to a continued partnership with Starbucks and its wonderful volunteers in the future.

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