PMIEF and JA Implement Innovative Programs in Indonesia

Feb 2, 2022 – The Project Management Institute Education Foundation (PMIEF) is collaborating with JA Worldwide and the Asia Pacific Regional Operating Centre to implement new initiatives in the AP region including Indonesia, India, and the Philippines. We believe this is a great fit as the PMIEF vision of ‘inspiring youth to achieve their goals, making dreams come true’ is totally aligned with that of PJI and other JA Worldwide operations. Utilizing the resources provided by PMIEF we will apply project management skills to a mix of youth centred programs, including our JA Company and Caterpillar supported GExS undertaking in Batam.

Selected staff will be trained by PMIEF in a series of sessions totaling 24 hours with the focus on building Project Management skills. This is particularly applicable to all students involved in the student company initiatives but can also be applied to a host of additional endeavours. Implementation will involve engagement of students in Project Management training (by recently trained staff) at the beginning of company operations or other initiatives which involve a project-based strategy.

We all look forward to this new partnership and undertaking involving youth and know it will benefit the competencies of our student beneficiaries. These youth are at a critical juncture in their lives and to provide them with the important soft skills embedded with Project Management will be advantageous to them for the future. They will be much better prepared for entry into the workforce or to establish their own business enterprise.

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